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TERRARIUM CARE - Into The Looking Glass™

Your Terrarium is built with love at Into The Looking Glass with humid loving plants and moss. It recycles water, oxygen and carbon dioxide to create its own little self-sustainable mini eco-system for you to enjoy.
Your Terrarium requires medium to high levels of natural in direct light. Never place your Terrarium in direct sunlight.
Watering your Terrarium
Your Terrarium will ONLY require water if you notice the glass clear, and no condensation building up. This in most cases can take up to 6 months after your purchase or even longer. Some Terrariums are known to go 1 year and beyond. If your Terrarium does require water, be sure to use distilled/filtered water. Never use tap water. The best way to water your Terrarium is with a spray bottle. Never pour water directly into your Terrarium as it can’t freely drain, and over watering is the fastest way to kill a Terrarium.
We recommend cleaning the glass inside your Terrarium with a damp microfibre cloth, every so often to maintain the light for your plants to continue to thrive. Remove any spent leaves or dead plant debris immediately from your Terrarium to keep it maintained and healthy. If your plants start to outgrow there space, you can cut them back to promote healthy growth and keep your Terrarium neat and tidy.
DO NOT fertilize your Terrarium. Fertilizer will only promote rapid growth which is not ideal for Terrarium conditions.
All our Terrariums at Into The Looking Glass are sprayed with Pyrethrum after they are assembled. If you notice any insects in your Terrarium, you can re-spray with Pyrethrum.
If you notice mould growing in your Terrarium it can be natural in some circumstances (decomposing plant matter), but please don’t leave it. Scoop out the mould, and disturb the area. But be sure not to spread it. Always clean your instrument before using it again in the Terrarium. Open the lid for 24 hours to air out the Terrarium, and allow it dry out a little. Mould does not like air. Repeat this process until you eliminate it.
 We recommend to open the lid of your Terrarium periodically (about once a week), to allow fresh air into your Terrarium.
Into the Look Glass are unable to refund or accept returns on Terrariums due to the nature of the product and care. If you have any concerns we are happy to help, email us at
Thank you for your purchase and we hope you enjoy your Terrarium from Into the Looking Glass.